Urban Desi Night ft. Dixi

SAgrooves has worked with Dixi, both choreographing her solo in her debut single “Need Nobody” and as backup dancers at her Single launch at Urban Desi Night in New York City.

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B4u music

“We founded this company because growing up in America we were really drawn to the sounds and movement associated with the hip hop culture but also had a love for our South Asian roots. From Bollywood to the Urban Desi artists making waves now, we have always loved the music. SAgrooves is a way of fusing the two.”

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“South Asian Grooves [is] a dance company based in New York…The classes…put a contemporary spin on traditional dances, and choreograph routines to some of the latest songs.”

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“There is a huge movement happening in the Urban Desi scene. As female dancers, we believe that this growing movement should be just as accessible to women as it is to the men who tend to dominate the industry. We want dance to be recognized as an important part in this movement.”