GROOVES is our more intermediate level class, where we teach students a 30-40 second dance routine. This class is for students who are interested in learning a full dance. Though we welcome all levels, the class is taught at a quicker pace than our BASICS level class, and most attendees have some level of dance experience, whether in hiphop or another genre of dance. 

In our GROOVES class we dance for 1.5 hours. We start with a stretch, and follow with a light warmup where we go over steps that will be incorporated into the dance we'll teach that day. We'll then go into instruction of steps for 45-50 minutes, with the aim of breaking up into groups so dancers have the space to move freely and perform. Our GROOVES classes are filmed and we work with local videographers around NYC. 

Check out a recent GROOVES class video below and if you'd like to attend sign up today!