How much do classes cost?

BASICS classes cost $16 each & GROOVES classes cost $20 each.

What type of classes do you offer?

We offer two levels of classes. BASICS is our introductory class and GROOVES is our more intermediate level class.

How do I sign up for an SAgrooves class? 

You can sign up for class by visiting our Sign Up page. 

How long are classes?

Our BASICS classes are usually an hour long, while our GROOVES class is about 1.5 to 2 hours. 

Where are classes held?

We are based in NYC and usually teach classes at Ripley-Grier Studios at 520 8th Ave., though please refer to our Instagram page for updates on exact locations as this is subject to change. 

When are classes?

We update our class schedule monthly, though normally we teach every other week on Tuesdays (BASICS) and Thursdays (GROOVES). Please visit our Instagram page for more updates on exact days and times as this is subject to change. 

I bought a class, but I can't attend, what do I do? 

We understand things happen, so if you are unable to attend class, please inform us 8 hours prior to class in order to issue a refund. For example, if class starts at 8pm, you have until noon the day of class to cancel your order for a refund. Please note we do not offer transfers.