Manhattan BASICS Part 1 October 15th @ 8pm

sold out

Manhattan BASICS Part 1 October 15th @ 8pm


Pearl Studios

500 8th Avenue

New York, NY 10018

Studio 311

Tuesday October 15th at 8-9pm

*Cancellation Policy: Please note you must send an email to at least 8 hours prior to class in order to receive a refund. 

**BASICS is our introductory level class where we introduce dancers to foundational grooves and movement. In this class, we aim to teach a beginner level routine taught across two classes to get dancers acclimated to the type of movement common in our more intermediate GROOVES class. BASICS is for people who are new to dancing and want to enjoy the same music from our intermediate class, with basic steps that are taught at a slower pace. We welcome all levels & ages. Each BASICS routine is taught across two classes to give students more time with choreography and to help with memorization of the steps. The first class of the set is 1 hour, while the second class of the set is about two hours and filmed! We start each class with a 5-10 minute stretch, followed by detailed instruction and breakdown of steps. Throughout the duration of the class, we’ll practice the routine with music and at the end break up into groups to enjoy more space and the ability to perform for peers. 

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